Jonny Woolley Makes Art For You

I’m a designer from Canada. I’ve worked all over the place. I make posters, shirts, and a bunch of other s***t. 


Commissions are:

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Hi, I’m Jonny and here’s a picture of me holding a box (wow he’s so strong). If you scroll down, you’ll see some of my selected works.

A portrait of the artist holding a box

Jordan Gray

A collaboration with Dylan Woodley, this poster won the 2022 Edinburgh Comedy Poster Awards in a field of more than 3500 entries. 

Jordan’s incredible award-winning show Is It a Bird is represented in all it’s bombastic glory here.

Comedy producer Gina Lyons, the founder of the awards, said: 'We have two fantastic, very worthy winners for 2022 - both unique pieces of design, with Jordan Gray arising, phoenix-like, much like the resurgent post-covid Fringe itself. This larger-than-life presentation, coupled with striking use of text and colour, have helped draw audiences to her 5-star-rated show.“
August, 2022

Zach Zucker

As part of my work on Stamptown’s Edinburgh advertising campaign, I made this flashy poster for American clown Zach Zucker’s new hour of comedy.
August, 2022

Flo & Joan

British musical comedy phenoms Flo & Joan had me design the poster for their new show and tour Sweet Release. Went for a 70’s style with a gritty feel.
September, 2021


Emmy-nomiated Writers for Saturday Night Live and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Youtube sketch phenomenon BriTANicK commisioned this poster for their 2022 Edinburgh Fringe debut.
August, 2022

Roisin Crowley Linton

With a gilded and glittery title treatment and the striking photo from Dylan Woodley, Geordie poet and comedian Roisin Crowley’s poster for her sophomore effort is one of my favourite pieces I designed for the 2022 Fringe.
August, 2022